Water Meter

Water Meter

Solution for Water Meter

Water meter has a meter, a control circuit, a micromotor, and a valve. The valve is operated by Micromotor according to the instructions from the control circuit. The water meter has an automatic billing system for ensuring the proper use of water. Real-Time water consumption is monitored with a water meter. The motor closes the valve when the credit limit is over.

Water Meter

How Kinmore Makes Improvement

Micro motor in water meter is mostly a 2-6V DC motor. The micromotor is connected with the valve, wherein, the control circuit is composed of a controlled-card socket, upper and lower disconnecting switches, a separator, a metering switch, and a pulling card switch. When a controlled-card is inserted into the controlled-card socket of a water meter, the motor opens the valve automatically to supply water to users; when the water consumption quantity achieves the set water consumption quantity, the control circuit disconnects the switch so the motor stops working and the valve automatically closes. Kinmore provides professional and reliable micro-motors for the water meters. The valve is operated efficiently under different driving conditions and has a long operating cycle.

Kinmore Motor for Water Meter

Motor Features:

  • Sealed and waterproof
  • Max load, torque of 2.5Kgf.cm
  • Compact Size and noiseless design
  • The electrical performance of motors such as voltage, speed, etc. can be customized after a professional evaluation

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