We provide drive solution for the car CD player

We provide drive solution for the car CD player

About car CD player

Car CD players are indispensable to upgrade the audio system in retrofitting. Now mainstream car CD players are often multi-functional. In addition to CD players, they also integrate AM/FM radio functions. Different car owners have various requirements for CD players, such as appearance, sound quality,  functions, and cost performance. Therefore, when choosing a CD player, we should choose products of the same grade according to our needs and measure which specific product is best for us.

car CD player

It is indispensable to upgrade the audio system in vehicle modification because the original tape decks of some middle and low-end cars can no longer meet the needs of modern users. In the era of popular CDs, traditional tapes have gradually withdrawn from the stage, so installing and upgrading CD players is the first thing many car owners have to do.

car CD player

The working principle of the car CD player

In terms of working principle, the CD host reading the signal of the CD through the laser head, is processed by the RF amplifier IC chip, and converts the signal into an RF signal, which is then processed by the DSP chip into a digital signal, and finally by the audio processing circuit splitting the signal into stereo signals of different channels.

In the circuit of the car CD host, there is often a power amplifier module, which amplifies the power of the signal input by the audio processing circuit, and then directly drives the speaker to work through the audio port and the speaker wire. On the other hand, the unamplified pure audio signal can also be directly output from the audio processing circuit to the power amplifier through the RCA port for external power amplification. The spindle motor mechanism can hold the disc firmly and move it up or down to realize the movement of the disc in and out while the tray motor powers the CD pressing mechanism.

car CD player

So it can be seen that the motor plays a pivotal role in the car CD player system. In recent years, Kinmore Motor produces reliable and high-quality micromotors that provide customers with excellent power solutions and provides durable DC motors and gear motors for various car CD player applications, which can withstand different environments and operating conditions. We go on seeking to respond to a range of uses and improve functions so that our products continue to improve.

Kinmore Motor

Motor technical parameters:

Kinmore Motor

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • Higher operating efficiency. 
  • The motor has a long service life. 
  • Customized electrical properties, such as voltage and speed after evaluation.
  • Stable performance during motor operation.


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