We Provide Drive Solutions for the Humanoid Robot

We Provide Drive Solutions for the Humanoid Robot

About Humanoid Robot

Humanoid robots, also known as bionics, are robots designed to imitate the appearance and behavior of humans. In particular, it refers to a type of robot that has a body similar to humans and can imitate human functions and actions. Humanoid robots can act as executive personal assistants, bank receptionists, and can control healthcare applications, thus occupying a unique position in the field of robotics. Humanoid robots will become the core of research in the 21st century, setting goals for the future of human robots. Humanoid robots will also act as assistants in humans’ daily lives.

Humanoid Robot

There are many degrees of simulation of bionics, some of which can be identified by appearance, and they do not have the thoughts and feelings of real people. Its structural design is based on the principle of bionics, simplified based on extracting the essence of human structure, and developed a highly flexible humanoid robot composed of various joints. It usually consists of a driving mechanism, a linkage mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a deceleration mechanism, a sensor, a controller, etc. It can walk freely, and it can also serve tea, pour water, and chat for fun. Who wouldn’t want one such family assistant?

The motor function of humanoid robot

The motors in the humanoid robot help the robot move, rotate, and make gestures. The movement of humanoid robots is very precise, so servo motors or stepper motors are usually used. These motors have variable speed and torque characteristics and can be controlled by built-in programs. They are lightweight, can extend battery life, and can withstand a certain period of overload, making servo and stepper motors have great advantages in humanoid robots. Kinmore Motor provides the driving and motor technology required for such precision robots.

Humanoid Robot

Kinmoire Motor has more than 20 years of experience in the customization of DC and gear motors, has provided many international companies with drive solutions, and has accumulated a huge database of motor prototypes for customers’ reference. At the same time, we have a professional R&D team that can quickly design novel products and improves motor performance according to customer needs. Its motors are widely used in the smart home, automotive, industrial, personal care, and other industries, and are committed to providing people with smarter and more convenient enjoyment. Kinmore is a reliable supplier and manufacturer of motor solutions.

Kinmore Motor

Motor technical parameters:

Kinmore Motor

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • The performance is consistent during the life cycle.
  • High efficiency makes the service life longer and more durable.
  • The motor is small in size and stable in operation.
  • Customized electrical properties, such as voltage and speed after evaluation.


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