We provides best drive solutions for electric candle

We provides best drive solutions for electric candle

About electric candle

To pursue a comfortable and elegant living space, people are very particular about the structure of the indoor environment atmosphere. In addition to interior decoration, candles are often used to change the indoor environment atmosphere. However, traditional candles are lit by open flames and generate lots of heat. Due to the negligence of users, flammable materials are ignited due to dumping, which poses a safety hazard, and also causes environmental pollution, and human hands cannot directly touch them. Otherwise, it is easy to be scalded by the molten wax, and the life of the wax body is also tiny, and it will burn out soon.

electric candle

With the development of society, electronic candle lights have appeared. Electronic candle lights can simulate the effect of manual candle lighting by the light projected by electronic candles. Therefore, they have been used in bars, cafes, and dance halls. However, the existing electronic candle lights only rely on the fact that their appearance is close to real candles to achieve a simulation effect and still cannot simulate the effect of the flickering of the candle flame and the change of light and darkness caused by the airflow of the real candle.

Electric candles are also called new smokeless candle lights. The shape of these candle lights is similar to real candles, but they do not produce smoke or carcinogens. If you don’t like the smoke and aroma of candles but also like the warm atmosphere of candles, you can try this LED electronic candle. Without an open flame, it is safer.

electric candle

Electric candle lights are also called electronic candles/LED candles because they use batteries or charging to keep the lights on. The electronic candlelight can be reused after changing the battery or charging, which can play a role in environmental protection. Suitable for all kinds of candle holders. It can be used as a small night light for lighting or other decorative purposes. It also fits for promotional gifts, hotels, bars, home decoration, churches, Halloween, Christmas gifts, etc.

Principle of electric candle

The electric candle includes a base and an electronic drive circuit board group and a base plate arranged in it; one side of the base plate is provided with an electronic lamp and a candle wick covered on the electric candle, and the other side is connected with the electronic drive circuit board group. Between the electric candle and the base plate, there is a swing mechanism that can control the electronic lamp to sway slightly in the horizontal direction. After the electric candle lamp emits light, the light shines on the inner wall of the candlewick. Since the candle wick is generally made of transparent or semi-transparent materials, the candlewick becomes a luminous body, which is used to simulate the wick of a real candle.

electric candle

When the electric lamp swings under the control of the swing mechanism, the brightness of each light-emitting part of the candlewick changes. The swing mechanism is a spring, one end of which is fixedly connected with the substrate, the other end is connected with the electric lamp, and the electric candle is suspended and propped up, and the candle and the driving circuit board group are connected through a wire. The base is made of ceramic material, which can form a secondary heat dissipation together with the aluminum substrate, and the heat dissipation effect is good.

Just like the heart to humans, the smart motor plays the role of the heart in the structure of the electric candle. If the motor stops working, the electric candle does not affect it. As a leader in the power tool motor industry, Kinmore Motor, with its industry-leading technology and quality advantages, has launched a motor solution suitable for electric candles. For all kinds of electric candle motors and even smart home motor solutions, kinmore Motor can provide customized design and R&D and production according to the needs of customers or the industry.

Kinmore Motor

Motor technical parameters:

Kinmore Motor

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • Motor performance is stable and efficient. 
  • The motor has a long service life. 
  • Advanced motor materials, good heat dissipation. 
  • Customized electrical properties such as voltage and speed after evaluation.


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