Model No.:RF/RC-370H-061700

8mm~12mm special-motor RF/RC-370H-061700


1.Plastic End Cap 2.Leaf Brush System 3.Oil-impregnated Bearing 4.Carbon Steel Shaft


1.All values approximate 2. Customized electric performance on request by using suitable windings 3. Available with required cables and accessories after evaluation


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Q: Could you tell me the lead time for samples and order?
A: For normal dc motor samples, the lead time is around 10~15days and for gear motor samples, it'll be 15~20days. If there is special requirements like extended shaft, special reduction ratio, lead time will be longer. For orders, the standard lead time is 35days and this time can be shorter or longer based on different model, period and quantity.
Q: What kind brushes do you use in the motor?
A: There are two kind brushes we normally use: the metal brush and carbon brush. We choose based on the speed, current and lifetime requirements. For quite small motors, we only have metal brushes while for big ones we only have carbon brushes. Compared with metal brushes, the lifetime of carbon brushes are longer since it will reduce the wear on the commutator. But for low speed motor, the carbon dust might not be able to burn in time which will cause failure too.
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